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EBANX Payment Gateway for Magento

With the EBANX Payment Gateway for Magento you will be able to process relevant cash, online debit, and credit card payments in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia & Peru besides having access of over 20M EBANX Wallet users.

Installation is simple, no technical knowledge is needed.

Install the EBANX Magento Gateway and get

Security is already taken care of, the customer’s sensitive data doesn’t go to your server but is saved in EBANX environment using PCI standards.

Checkout payment form is responsive and adapts nicely to all mobile screen sizes and themes.

One-click purchases which allow your client to skip the checkout process.

Everything you need in one integration, you don’t have to install any external plugins or extensions.

And sell to over 20M EBANX Wallet users.

Customize and Manage Your Payments

Choose which payment methods are displayed at checkout.

Set a maximum number of installments Select an expiration date for cash payments.

Allow customers to save their credit card information.

Set individual interest rates for each credit card installment plan.

Create orders & request refunds directly in your Magento Admin Accept Local Currencies, USD and EUR based on your Magento Currency Options, to be processed by EBANX.

The gateway also includes: Sandbox mode for testing Capture mode that when activated allows you to collect payments after a manual review.

Extra fields for payments made in Brazil or Chile where customers must provide more information to local regulatory authorities.

Support for checkout managers.

Want to see your cross-border sales &
conversion rates significantly increase?

Install the Gateway easily and quickly, and start selling
to the World's fastest growing e-commerce markets.

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